DNSKu – Speed Up Your Internet

DNSKu is Malaysia’s first publicly offered, high performance, secure and private DNS service operated by ORENCloud using an ultra-fast DNS sinkhole software that is primarily made for Malaysians by Malaysians. DNSKu also doesn’t block sites your government doesn’t want you to see. 


About this service

A free, privacy-oriented DNS facility that blocks tracking, ads, malware and adult content (optional). Use it with IPv4 or IPv6. It can be used to protect, accelerate your internet and reduce unwanted tracking for your family, your infrastructure and your mobile devices. It is free of any form of audit or logging (see example screenshot below) and hides your identity by masking to our DNS server IPs. Our mission with DNSku is to provide an option for you to freely use the internet without being tracked by big techs, authorities or “bad guys” or being served ads.

Read a BBC article on how and why ads can potentially slow down your browsing.

Here’s a video explanation from Linus Tech Tips on how content blocking/sinkhole DNS servers work.  

This service is made available for those internet users from Malaysia and Singapore ONLY. If you’re connecting from say Australia, the DNS won’t work.



Block ads, unwanted tracking and network malware


***New server added based in Kuala Lumpur***

IPV4IPV6DNSSECUpstream ProtoLogging (dashboard)

Aliyuan doesn’t support IPv6, apparently


Block ads, unwanted tracking, network malware and adult content

IPV4IPV6DNSSECUpstream ProtoLogging

NOTE: Dashboard stats are reset periodically to flush current logs and data on top of disabled DNS queries.

How to get started

You need to change your DNS, below we share some guides how to do so, but of course, instead of using the article’s DNS IPs, use DNSKu’s IPs above.


Frequently Asked Questions

DNSku, a DNS sinkhole was created by ORENcloud’s engineering team using pi-hole and several other DNS tools like cloudflared’s DoH DNS to help our customers and the Malaysian and Singaporean public thwart as much public domain ads that slows your browsing down, network level malwares and unwanted tracking while browsing. It is a fast and secure DNS that is built to self managed and we take privacy to its highest level by ensuring all logging or tracking is disabled at all levels

DNSku is a privacy-first policy DNS server which is fast. It becomes even better as it blocks most common ad servers or DNS names associated to ad services. We update hourly the ads list and use many high quality whitelist to ensure rest of legit functionality of sites work well.

DNSku is a privacy-first policy DNS server which is fast. It becomes even better as it blocks most common ad servers or DNS names associated to ad services. We update hourly the ads list and use many high quality whitelist to ensure rest of legit functionality of sites work well.

At the moment, you may not have DNSku setup. Try browsing this site https://canyoublockit.com/extreme-test/

Now, change your DNS. Try browsing again.

It will work on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, servers etc where a DNS server can be configured manually or through an app.

We use only use Cloudflare’s DNS via the Dns over HTTPS (DOH) for even more privacy. The most important thing to remember is that your queries are hidden behind DNSku’s servers IPs. It is not visible to the upstream so everything is totally private for you. This makes it hard to associate you, the person, to your activities and thus share them with advertisers or worse yet, for bad actors.

Our blocklist currently blocks over 1.3 million ad domains and counting. We use a single curated list below for ads and malware on top of staying behind Cloudflare own DNS protection.

  • https://oisd.nl/

In addition to the above, for the adult content, we use both CloudFlare’s adult content blocking DNS coupled with the below curated list:

  • https://raw.githubusercontent.com/StevenBlack/hosts/master/alternates/porn/hosts

We also use a whitelist to ensure that legit sites are protected from any false positives, we use the following whitelist

  • https://github.com/anudeepND/whitelist

Our servers are located in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

We at ORENcloud manage this service.

As for SLA, we don’t guarantee uptime or service availability. This is why we have redundant servers. However, our servers are monitored 24×7 by our monitoring server NagiosXI.

Absolutely. Use it for your business DNS upstream servers.

Yes, if you use adult content blocking DNS. For searches, we invoke safe searches, which may also includes other popular sites like Youtube.

Nope. We don’t have any interest to track anyone, we are not in the advertising or similar business. Everything is setup to be anonymous. Our core system logging is also disabled by default and this has been audited by independent security professionals.

DNS speed makes a difference for sure. And we believe with the added privacy and security, the speed of DNSKu servers are negligible compared to the fastest out there that are within the 5-15 ms resolution time.

This test was done with a WiFi connection on a 500Mbps Internet connection from source IP 202.186.X.X by TIME internet.  



It is completely free to use and free to upstream from your existing DNS.

There’s no catch. We built this to give back privacy, unfettered access to the internet while ensuring you don’t get served with ADs, blockout network based malware and adult content (if you choose to setup with those servers)