What is ORENcloud ?

ORENcloud is a modern cloud communication platform built by a passionate team that has over twenty years of experience in building enterprise-grade unified communication solutions and has served clients from major banks to military operations.

Simple. Flexible. Innovative.


Pick a plan. Grow organically.



The commonly known “Welcome to MYCOMPANY SDN BHD, press 1 for Sales; 2 for …”. Create menus of pre-defined or custom actions include greetings with sub-menus


During office hours the call goes to your voice menu (interactive voice response) and after office hours it will go to your voicemail or forwarded to your handphone.

3 Way Conference

The option to invite 3rd or more persons to a call. This makes collaboration over phone calls easy by just dialing next party and automatically invoking this feature.

Voicemail to email

Whenever you get a voicemail it will be emailed to you as an audio file including date, time and number so you can listen to it wherever or whenever you want.

Follow-me/Call Forwarding

This is especially good for receiving calls outside of your extension, especially when nobody picks up the call it can then be forwarded to your mobile-phone or other destinations like a land line, or even drop it to a voicemail.


Receive calls in a group of predefined numbers and then distribute calls within that group to ensure calls are always attended to.

Record on demand

Selectively record inbound & outbound contact center telephone calls on demand.

Cold Transfer

In cold transfer, you will be transferring a call to another agent or team without giving them prior notification. Cold transfer is also known as blind transfer.

Warm Transfer

When you perform a warm transfer, you can talk to another agent or even exchange call notes before transferring the call.


Be a global company today with ORENCloud’s CallOneWorld that supports over 200 destinations globally via our selected Tier 1 telcos and over 50 inbound countries with CLI where available.


Zero capex, start immediately

Our cloud telephone doesn’t require you to purchase expensive hardware to start. All you need is either a computer or smartphone device. If you would like, you can also get a plan that includes a physical desktop phone with a variety of makes and models to choose from.

True reachability

Our cloud communication not only allows you to connect anywhere with an internet connection, it also allows you to connect to traditional telephone numbers to where you wish to direct your calls to. For example, your home phone or mobile phone in case internet connectivity isn’t reliable. Therefore, never miss an important business call in any situation, offline or online.

Feature rich

At ORENcloud, we keep improving our service and always introduce new features and functionalities without incurring additional cost to your existing plans. Our team works around the clock to support and improve our services. We are committed to meet demanding unified communications requirement for just about any use case scenarios out of the box or through customization.

No minimum contract

Our core principle is to keep our customers satisfied by means of providing best in class product and highly competitive pricing. Experience gold standard services at no long term commitments, shape your communications platform as how you would shape your business.

Work from anywhere

You can access your ORENcloud communications platform literally anywhere with just an internet connection. Connections are secured with industry standard encryption and security practices.

Zero config

Our phones come set with your extension or when you use our AstiosUC software phones, provisioning is done centrally. Absolutely zero configuration is required.

Secure by default

All calls are protected by industry-grade encryption and reside on a global cloud and ISO-certified data centres in Malaysia and Singapore. And we adhere to the Cloud Service Subscriber (CSS) Guidlines at stipulated by MCMC of which Astiostech is an active member of the Technical Committee -or- is an active contributor.For more info, please click here.

Competitive Price

Competitive call charges to all destinations be it local, mobile, national as well as international.

Private cloud

We understand that some organizations might prefer to run their telephony on their own cloud, private or public. We got you. We can set one up for you and accessible by just you and your organization.

World class support

Our support team works 24x7 for the entire year to keep our customers happy. It is our highest priority to provide top grade support at any time you need. All you need to do is send an email or call our hotline number.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the datacenter located?

Our datacenter is located in Malaysia, Singapore and on Amazon AWS EC2 with CloudFront. Depending on your geographical location, it can also be set to a datacenter nearer to you, at locations where AWS NOCs exist..


Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Yes, it is possible to forward all calls from your old phone number to the new ORENcloud number.


What do I need to make ORENcloud work?

All you need is a broadband Internet connection. We will send the fully configured phones to you, and you just have to unpack and connect the device to your router and you are ready to go.


I'm interested how do I sign up?

Use the simple sign-up form from our website or call us at 03 8689 2888 for a personal consultation or to set up an appointment.

Can I use PC-based soft phones or my mobile phone with ORENcloud?

Yes, we support all standard softphone and smartphone. There are many apps available that are compatible with ORENcloud.

I have existing VoIP Phones can I use them with ORENcloud?

Yes, you can re-use all your existing IP-Phones with ORENcloud. Our support team will gladly check the phone and configure them for you free of charge.

What about faxes, how can I receive them?

Faxes are sent, received and managed through ORENcloud Fax Portal. Received faxes can also be sent as email attachments to you. If you have an existing fax device that you would like to connect, we can assist you to connect it with a small ATA (analog telephone adaptor) device to ORENcloud.


What happens if I lost internet connectivity?

If your internet went off or if there is a power outage without sufficient battery backup available, your IP phone will not function. However you will still receive all your calls as ORENcloud has the ability to detect if your phones are offline and if so, the system will forward all calls to a single or even a group of mobile phones or landlines. So no matter what happens, you get your important business calls.


I have multiple offices how can ORENcloud help me?

All interoffice calls between ORENcloud users are free of charge. You can transfer your incoming calls from your main office to any location. Your receptionist can see if a person is engaged or free and can then transfer the call. This allows you to reduce cost as you only have a central -hosted- telephony solution for all your offices. It is flexible and ready to grow with your business.

Why ORENcloud ?

ORENcloud is built and run by passionate voice and communications engineers that have nearly twenty years of experience in the industry. We are also Malaysia’s first cloud telephony provider that proudly serve 2 out of 3 largest contact centre companies globally. You can rely on world-class service and support with ORENcloud. Give us a try and let us show you why hundreds of people love ORENcloud. Sign up for a trial today at no cost, no credit card and no commitment.

What People Are Saying About ORENcloud?

"The recent pandemic definitely caused a shift in how we practice medicine especially in the field of psychiatry where confidentiality and spending time with clients are of utmost importance. During the chaos and anxiety-filled time, ORENcloud and Astiostech reached out and introduced this telephonic system that allowed us as doctors to protect ours and client’s privacy and able to still continue the service and help our clients that were most affected by the recent happenings."

 "Telepsychiatry in Asia is an emerging concept and ORENcloud and Astiostech are pioneers that have the integrity and creativity to forge ahead and I wish them all the best! Thank you for arising to the occasion and getting us through the dark cloud. As a medical practitioner, I have been recommending this service to my fellow colleagues and hope that this becomes a standard app on our mobile devices."

Medical officer with a special interest in psychiatry

"Orencloud connectivity has proven to be reliable for our call centre business. Their subscription plans and system are also very flexible and allow us to scale up or down easily according to our business needs"

Au-Yong Head of Contact Centre, Customer Connect (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

"ORENcloud hosted telephony solution was for us the best solution out there, they offer great value for money, easy to use, and very flexible. We especially like the voicemail to email feature since we are not always able to (immediately) answer the phone so having the voicemail send to our emails with all necessary information including the actual voicemail as an audio file is just perfect. I can strongly recommend their services."

Arthur Lim, Director Qmanco Sdn Bhd

"We are using ORENcloud hosted telephony services for over three years now. It has given us great flexibility on our telecommunication needs and combined with their AstiosUC softphone solution made it possible for us to easily work from anywhere all transparent to the customers. All with attractive pricing for both the monthly subscription as well as the call charges."

Pandeyan M, Group CEO and Shareholder, Applecross Resources Sdn Bhd

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ORENcloud is a leading hosted IP-PBX company wholly owned and supported by Astiostech Sdn Bhd, an MSC-Status company, with a vision to create revolutionary voice, network monitoring and cybersecurity solutions.

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