ORENCloud UC is our best software phone we’ve made. Designed by graphic artists and engineered using the world’s top VoIP SDK with over 1000 trust pilot reviews of over 4.5 stars. ORENCloud UC is built on the ethos of “install and done” meaning, you do not need to do anything else with it, except sign in. Experience ease of use with a very familiar phone experience with ORENCloud UC.

Your Workplace, Anyplace

ORENCloud UC allows you to make/answer office calls on your devices and collaborate with your colleagues, anytime, anywhere.


Make it work With All Your Favorite Devices


Higher Call Quality and More Security Than Mobile Or Landlines Calls

Other Features

Your Corporate Identity

Video previews

Install, login and get going..

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Start Using ORENCloud UC

Windows Desktop: x86 & x86_64, Windows 10 and up

SHA 265 Hash: f3de234b98bab41555999ea67a596d5d14d38fd4968438ba639c7946675a948b

Mac OS X: x86_64 10.3 and up

SHA 265 Hash: 4152a92c527ae7611175873131227dfdc1211b0e300143fb52e3a237c4719c6a

Please ensure to only download binaries for Windows and MacOS only from this site and/or verify its checksum before installing. *Use of our these are subjected to Terms and Conditions and Software Policy. Please refer to our KnowledgeBase for help.