ORENCloud Architecture

ORENCloud is a global setup thorugh public cloud providers like DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

The Malaysian setup is based in world class AIMS Kuala Lumpur and CX2 in Cyberjaya. Our Singapore datacenter is hosted by Starhub in Singapore.

Networking Redundancy

Private setups are connected via a dns name, e.g. company.oren.cloud and we can swing over to redundant locations when failure is irrecoverable during a certain period of time, this is usually within 4 hours.

Server Redundancy

On our shared servers, all instances are replicated in realtime to paired servers side by side within two different racks in a same datacenter.


Resources are behind two firewalls. One is for wading off noise and the other is an application layer firewall that listens to irregular activities and block off hack attempts for VOIP servers.


Some resources are only accessible within that region or country to prevent surface attacks. This is done through our GEOlocation aware firewalls

Certified Data Centers

Where we place our servers meet strict industrial certifications such as ISO20000-1:2011, ISO9001:2015, Tier Standard System, TVRA and Green Building Index.

24x7x365 Monitoring

All our servers, network devices and TSP/ISP are monitored with NagiosXI located outside of the datacenters, namely in DigitalOcean, Singapore.

99.99% computed uptime

The audit of our monitored servers during 2020 up to early 2021 is up to 99.99% host uptime and 99.72% service uptime for all critical infrastructure such as server availability, ISP availability, network reachability and security threats.

Each server is also fitted with a host based intrusion detection system, log monitoring solution and also a custom application that we’ve built to detect and alert on possible fraudulent call patterns through the use of a simple machine learning algorithm.

Most of our servers are behind a high bandwidth antiDDoS protection device which is hosted by our datacenter providers. Most attacks can be mitigated to ensure high uptime for our customers.