Your Office Phone Anywhere

Shift to cloud based hosted unified communications, PBX or telephony system for a versatile, affordable, and feature rich phone system. Say goodbye to costly traditional systems and hardware. Perfect for businesses of all sizes.

True Cloud Engineering

Developed ground up using distributed non-monolithic realtime systems for resilience, performance and scalability. CloudOffice can scale hundreds of thousands of users in our cluster.


No contract obligations. Modify subscription easily and conveniently as needed. Freedom of choice at our service. You can even bring your own SIP or telco interconnect like TM MLS.

Full Featured

Comes with 100s of productivity and automation features or customisations. You can manage it all yourself or get our friendly support to help. Also included software phones for Web, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.

Feature Highlights

Start with 5 and up to 60 concurrency per subscription allows receiving multiple calls while in a call. Stay connected without interruptions. 

No limit on outbound channels. All end devices can call out, even multiple times and doesn’t affect your inbound concurrency.

Users can be members of multiple ring-strategies for greater flexibility. All or a selection of phones will ring when a call comes in.

Access your Web Panel to easily set various options, including follow-me destinations and voicemail management. View call history and stay in control.

Set multiple destinations based on user selection with IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Stay in control and manage your calls efficiently.

When not available, callers can leave a voicemail after trying your follow-me numbers. Customise voicemails and receive them via email. Stay connected and never miss an important message.

Stay connected with multiple callers without missing an important call with our Call Waiting feature. Stay productive and never miss a beat.

Stay connected with colleagues and clients, wherever they are. Easily transfer calls to other destinations without interrupting workflow or productivity.


Stay connected around the clock with our phone system. IVR handles calls professionally during business hours, while calls can be received on mobile devices or listened to later after office hours. Never miss an important call again.

Connect up to 3 parties seamlessly or bring together up to 100 people with our conference bridge feature for productive conversations.

Never miss an important call with our reliable call routing system. Stay connected with clients and colleagues, even offline. Calls are automatically routed to another number when you’re unavailable, ensuring you’re always reachable.

With the advent of AI, our systems have become more sophisticated. Instead of following a rigid script, AI-driven systems can understand and process natural language, allowing callers to speak freely and still be understood.
Machine learning algorithms can predict why a person is calling based on past interactions, current events, or data analytics, and route the call accordingly.

Easily pick up ringing phones from your own end-device without physically going to the phone. Stay connected and productive.

View your own usage and receive detailed call billing each month for better transparency and control.

Choose Malaysian DIDs and DIDs from around the world in up to 81 countries and over 4000 locations. Select the plan that suits you best.

Set up call recording for regulatory, training, and monitoring purposes. Stay compliant and enhance your company’s regulatory requirements. 

Have a web-based panel for your receptionist who can visualize & handle all incoming calls, available extensions to transfer calls, and parked calls of your entire organization.

Protect your communication with advanced security features. Powerful encryption technology secures data and transport with the latest algorithms. Trust our commitment to the latest security standards for safe and secure communication.

  1. Intercom systems and paging
  2. GeoIP blocking
  3. Regional outbound caller ID and CNAM with cache
  4. Remote phone reboots and SIP/RTP encryption
  5. Condition variable BLF and FMFM confirmation
  6. Call forwarding, extension BLF, and virtual extensions
  7. Email templates and hot desking
  8. Emergency call notifications and custom destinations
  9. Feature codes and parking lots
  10. Call statistics, least cost routing, and video calls
  11. Instant recording and pause, SIP decoding and debugging, and attended transfer
  12. Streaming MOH, multiple recording storage backend, and voicemail transcript
  13. Short numbers, conduits, and caller ID blacklist
  14. Call campaigns and voicemail management
  15. CRM integration and NAT control
  16. Dial by name and phone provisioning
  17. PIN code dialling and round-robin provider selection
  18. Find Me/Follow Me and BLF parking lots
  19. Spy, barge, and whisper functionality, call history, and routing profiles
  20. Multi-tenant and subtenant capabilities
  21. WebRTC integration
  22. Phone books and MOS calculation
  23. Caller ID modification and multiple MOH
  24. Billing options, antifraud measures, and wallboards
  25. Call recording features
  26. FMFM with additional destinations
  27. Advanced call routing and blind transfer
  28. Call waiting, call pickup, and mobile twinning
  29. External agent support.


RM 8
per user per month (based on universe plan)