Our datacenter is located in Malaysia, Singapore, Amazon AWS EC2 with CloudFront, and DigitalOcean. Depending on your geographical location, it can also be set to a datacenter nearer to you where available.

Yes, it is possible to forward all calls from your old phone number to the new ORENcloud number.

All it takes is a broadband, 3G, 4G or 5G internet connection. Our phones come fully configured, delivered to your doorstep and, you will need only to unpack and connect to get started.

Use the simple sign-up form from our website or call us at + 6 03 27242555 or toll-free (Malaysia only) 1800818377 for a personal consultation or to set up an appointment.

Yes, we support all standard softphones and smartphones. There are many apps available that are compatible with ORENcloud or use our own softphones offered for free for our customers.

Yes, you can re-use all your existing IP-Phones with ORENcloud. We will also configure your phones free of charge, simply contact our support team. This includes phones like Cisco, Avaya, Linksys, Yealink, Polycom, Astara, Grandstream, Snom and etc.

Faxes are sent, received and managed through ORENcloud Fax Portal. Optionally, faxes can be sent as email attachments to you. Have an existing fax device? We can also help you connect it to ORENcloud with a small ATA (analogue telephone adaptor).

ORENcloud is able to detect when your phones are offline which is when all calls will be forwarded to the phone numbers (mobile and landline) you have set up. You can rest assured you will not miss any business calls.

With us, all your telephony office solutions will be central-hosted which lowers cost. Interoffice calls between ORENcloud users are free of charge and allows all calls to your main office to be transferred to any location. Your receptionist will be able to see if a person is engaged or free before transferring calls. Our solutions are flexible and ready to grow with your business.