Anti-Spam and Anti-Fraudulent Activities Policy


At ORENCloud, we are committed to maintaining the integrity and security of our communication services. This policy is designed to protect our users and their contacts from spam and fraudulent activities across all ORENCloud services, including calls, emails, SMS, and social channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others).


  • Spam: Unwanted or unsolicited digital communications sent in bulk.
  • Fraudulent Activity: Any deceitful or dishonest conduct, including but not limited to identity theft, phishing, and financial scams.

General Principles

  1. No Tolerance for Spam and Fraud: ORENCloud strictly prohibits the use of its services for spamming or conducting fraudulent activities.
  2. User Responsibility: Users are responsible for ensuring that their communications comply with this policy and relevant laws.
  3. Consent Requirement: Users must obtain explicit consent from recipients before sending promotional or commercial messages.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Email Communications:
    • Must include a clear “opt-out” mechanism.
    • Should not disguise or misrepresent the sender’s identity or the email’s purpose.
  2. Calls and SMS:
    • No unsolicited robocalls or automated text messages are allowed without prior consent.
    • Caller ID spoofing is strictly prohibited.
  3. Social Media Channels:
    • Messages must be relevant and not misleading.
    • No impersonation of individuals or organizations.

Monitoring and Enforcement

  1. Active Monitoring: ORENCloud employs advanced monitoring techniques to identify and prevent spam and fraudulent activities.
  2. User Reporting: Users are encouraged to report suspected spam or fraud.
  3. Consequences of Violation: Violations may result in immediate suspension or termination of services, legal action, and reporting to authorities.

Legal Compliance

ORENCloud operates in strict compliance with Malaysian laws and regulations related to digital communications, spam, and fraud.

Updates to the Policy

This policy may be updated periodically. Users are encouraged to review it regularly.

Contact Information

For questions or to report violations, please contact [email protected].


Consequences of Breach of Anti-Spam and Anti-Fraudulent Activities Policy

At ORENCloud, we take the integrity and security of our services seriously. Breaching our Anti-Spam and Anti-Fraudulent Activities Policy will lead to immediate and decisive action to protect our users and uphold the law. The following outlines the potential consequences for any such breaches:

1. Immediate Suspension of Services

  • Without Notice: In cases of suspected breach, ORENCloud reserves the right to immediately suspend access to our services without prior notice.
  • Investigation: Suspension will remain in effect while ORENCloud conducts a thorough investigation.

2. Termination of Services

  • Findings of Violation: If an investigation confirms a violation of our policy, ORENCloud may permanently terminate all services provided to the offending party.
  • Irreversible Action: Termination is a final action, and the user will not be able to reinstate their account or access ORENCloud services in the future.

3. Legal Action

  • Criminal Activities: If the breach involves criminal activities such as fraud or identity theft, ORENCloud will take appropriate legal action, including but not limited to reporting to law enforcement and cooperating with legal investigations.
  • Civil Litigation: ORENCloud reserves the right to pursue civil litigation to recover damages, enforce contractual obligations, or seek other legal remedies.

4. Financial Penalties

  • Contractual Violations: Users found in violation may be subjected to financial penalties or obligations as outlined in their service agreement.

5. Reporting to Authorities

  • Legal Obligation: ORENCloud will report fraudulent activities and serious spam violations to the relevant authorities in compliance with Malaysian law and international regulations.
  • Cooperation with Investigations: ORENCloud will cooperate fully with law enforcement and regulatory agencies in their investigations.

6. Notification to Affected Parties

  • Transparency: Where appropriate, ORENCloud will inform affected parties of the breach and the steps taken to address it.

7. Additional Measures

  • Recovery of Costs: Users in breach may be held responsible for costs incurred by ORENCloud in managing and rectifying the breach.
  • Reputational Damage: ORENCloud may publicize incidents of serious breaches, consistent with legal and regulatory guidelines, to protect the community and deter future violations.


These measures are put in place to uphold the quality and security of ORENCloud’s services. We urge all users to adhere strictly to our Anti-Spam and Anti-Fraudulent Activities Policy to ensure a safe and trustworthy digital communication environment.