Cloud Contact Centre Plans and Pricing

Choose a plan that fits your contact center needs.
Our plans are adaptable and include necessary the features you’d expect.


Inbound Focused
MYR 69
per user per month​
  • Inbound focused for customer service, helpdesk, inquiry systems, phone assistant, etc
  • 2 inbound concurrent calls per user
  • Unlimited outbound concurrency 
  • 1 Malaysian inbound number inclusive
  • 1 inbound and outbound skillset or queue
  • Call ACD and routing based on configurable rules and priorities
  • Multiple ACD types, including linear, round-robin, and random
  • Customisable music on hold (MOH) and announcement messages
  • Agent availability management, with support for agent pause/resume and agent status changes
  • Automatic agent selection based on skills and availability
  • Caller ID recognition and integration 
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of statistics, including wait time and call abandonment rates
  • Dynamic queue management, with support for adding/removing agents and changing queue parameters during runtime
  • Support for remote agents and distributed call centers, with SIP and IAX protocol support.
  •  Web based queue login, agents and system administration and realtime dashboard with widgets
  • User access controls
  • Optional 24×7 support
  • Optional multi-location disaster recovery
  • Optional PCI-DSS grade setup


In, Out and Blended
MYR 229
per user per month​
  • Inbound, outbound and blended for customer service and outbound campaigns
  • 2 inbound concurrent calls per user
  • Unlimited outbound concurrency 
  • 1 Malaysian inbound number inclusive
  • 1 inbound and outbound skillset or queue

All feature from Gold plus

  • Inbound, outbound, and blended call handling
  • Predictive dialing with intelligent algorithms
  • Manual dialing for preview and power dialing
  • Call recording and call monitoring
  • Call transfer, call conferencing, and call barging
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with speech recognition
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with skills-based routing
  • Customizable agent screen layouts
  • Real-time and historical reporting and analytics
  • Customizable dispositions and call dispositions
  • Campaign and list management
  • Multiple campaign scheduling
  • Integrated email and chat support
  • Web-based agent and admin interfaces
  • Automatic time zone adjustment for agents and customers
  • Do Not Call (DNC) list management
  • Inbound caller ID recognition
  • Advanced scripting tools
  • Multi-level IVR menus
  • Integrated web softphone and external phone support
  • Call prioritization and queue management
  • Customizable agent scripts and surveys
  • Customizable call recording rules and permissions
  • CRM integration and lead management
  • Multiple language support.
  • Optional 24×7 support
  • Optional multi-location disaster recovery
  • Optional PCI-DSS grade setup

Custom setup or self hosted

Cloud Contact Centre offers extensive customisation options to meet your organisation's specific needs. Our plans can be tailored to fit your exact requirements, ensuring that you get the most out of our solution. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to host Cloud Contact Centre in your own data centre, private cloud or preferred public cloud, giving you complete control over your infrastructure.

Cloud Contact Centre

RM 69
per user per month

In, Out And Blended Contact Centres