February 2021

Hosted PBX System and Its Key Advantages

Hosted PBX/PaBX or Cloud PBX/PaBX, as its name suggests, refers to a Private Branch Exchange that is hosted by either the vendor or a third-party hosting provider. It is also commonly referred to as a Virtual PBX. Incorporating a hosted PBX into your organisation’s communication infrastructure not only eliminates installation costs but also significantly reduces operational and maintenance expenses. Since the PBX will be hosted by the service provider, your organization will not need to bear the expenses associated with maintaining and upgrading the PBX system. Additionally, with a hosted PBX, you can enjoy increased scalability, flexibility, and enhanced functionality that can improve your overall communication experience.

Choose Wisely

Telecom service provider are moving away from the traditional wired services to cloud based technology which in the long run, more cost effective to both the provider and the consumers. Furthermore, cloud telephony gives so much more flexibility and convenient to individual users and corporates alike