Why Cloud Telephone Systems should be the new norm

Communication has always been an important aspect of businesses; from dealing with vendors and suppliers, reaching out to peers for market research, to being the main source of revenue from cold calling and leads generation. Key communication with various stakeholders can impact businesses’ financial well-beings and the overall outlook. On top of that, there are certain activities that require constant and urgent communication internally.

Hosted PBX System and Its Key Advantages

Hosted PBX, as its name suggests, is a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) being hosted by either the vendor or a third-party hosting provider. It is also commonly known as Virtual PBX. Using a hosted PBX in your organisation not only allows you to eliminate the installation cost but also reduces the operational and maintenance costs since your PBX will be hosted by the service provider.

Choose Wisely

“Telecom service provider are moving away from the traditional wired services to cloud based technology which in the long run, more cost effective to both the provider and the consumers. Furthermore, cloud telephony gives so much more flexibility and convenient to individual users and corporates alike”