Moving telephony to the cloud, and keeping your number

It is more and more trending that companies move their application to a hosted a.k.a. Cloud environment and subscribe to them as services of which most common are email, file sharing, accounting and HR applications and a wide range of others as well.

Cloud telephony services, commonly referred to as VaaS (Voice as a Service) and CCaaS (Call Centre as a Service) are also on the uprise and as with all hosted services the benefits far out way the more conventional in-house on-premise setups.

With ORENcloud VaaS or CCaaS subscriptions, you get the full range of Enterprise-Grade IPPBX solutions in a single and straightforward package for both VaaS and CCaaS. For the full range of both subscriptions, please click here.

But there is one big challenge, and that is if you want to keep your existing number while moving your Telephony services to a hosted cloud environment.

Unfortunate in Malaysia there is no number portability between Telco’s for fixed-line number -unlike a Mobile number-. Which means you as a customer can’t easily take your number with you if you wish to change Telco or move to a hosted cloud environment. Thus feel like you are “stuck” in the situation.

However, depending somewhat on the type of Telco lines you have, there are scenario’s whereby a move is possible with some creativity.

The easiest of them is if you would have a SIP enables Telco trunk like TIME VoBB (Voice over Broadband), in such a scenario we (you and us) can work with TIME to point the VoBB SIP trunk to our Infrastructure. (See figure1)

Secondly, if you would have a Multi-Line SIP (MLS) Line, from TM or others, although this is a physical line more often than not it can be re-routed to our Infrastructure (See figure1) and as with VoBB, we can help in the process.

Other -often analogue- Telco lines are a little more challenging but certainly doable, in these cases, we have to work with some gateway which will be placed wherever your telco lines are, and they are then routed back to our Infrastructure. (See figure2). The bit of challenge will be to figure out what type of Telco lines you have, PRI, ISDN, Analogue, and so on.

In all cases, we have extended experience and are up to the challenge. We are here to help you all the way to make your move you to our hosted IPPBX Solutions after which you can enjoy the many benefits of an Enterprise-Grade Hosted VaaS or CCaaS solution.

Give us a call or drop us an email with your queries and let’s make it happen.

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