NEC Exits PBX Market? Now its the best time to move to Cloud PBX for SMEs

It is unfortunate but NEC has decided to exit the on premise PBX market.

“We further note that March 31, 2025, is the date we are targeting for completing the last shipment of products relating to any accepted Purchase Orders received and/or any new commitments/renewals/extensions agreed between April 15, 2024, and Dec. 31, 2024.”

The Right Time To Go Cloud?


In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying connected with customers and teams is crucial. As companies seek more flexible and cost-effective solutions, cloud telephony has emerged as a transformative strategy. ORENCloud’s CloudOffice provides a compelling alternative to traditional telephony systems like NEC PBX, offering numerous benefits that cater to the needs of modern businesses. Here’s why making the move to CloudOffice is a strategic step forward.

Simplified Cost Structure

One of the most significant advantages of switching to CloudOffice is the shift from capital expenditure (CAPEX) to operational expenditure (OPEX). Traditional on-premise systems like NEC PBX often require substantial upfront investments in hardware, software, and installation. CloudOffice, by contrast, operates on a subscription-based model, dramatically reducing initial costs and allowing businesses to pay only for what they use. This transition not only frees up capital for other strategic investments but also provides a predictable expense model, making financial planning easier (ORENCloud – Digital Starts Here).

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

CloudOffice shines in its scalability, which is a boon for businesses looking to grow or those that experience seasonal fluctuations in demand. Unlike traditional systems that require physical hardware adjustments to scale, CloudOffice allows companies to easily add or remove users and features as needed. This scalability ensures that businesses can adapt to changing needs without incurring unnecessary costs or delays (ORENCloud – Digital Starts Here).

Robust Feature Set

With CloudOffice, businesses benefit from a range of advanced features that are often absent or expensive to implement in traditional PBX systems. These include advanced visual IVR, AI-powered voice services capable of handling multiple languages, and seamless integration with CRM systems and productivity tools like Microsoft Teams. Such features enhance the overall communication experience, boosting both internal productivity and customer satisfaction (ORENCloud – Digital Starts Here) (ORENCloud – Digital Starts Here).

Reduced IT Overhead

Migrating to CloudOffice can significantly reduce the burden on IT resources. Maintaining an on-premise PBX system requires dedicated staff for ongoing management and troubleshooting, which can be costly. CloudOffice offloads these responsibilities to ORENCloud, whose experts manage maintenance, updates, and technical support. This allows internal IT teams to focus on more strategic tasks that add value to the business (ORENCloud – Digital Starts Here).

Improved Customer Engagement

CloudOffice supports exceptional customer service with its omni-channel capabilities and advanced customer engagement tools. Businesses can manage communications across multiple channels—including voice, chat, and email—through a single platform, providing a unified customer experience. Advanced analytics and real-time monitoring tools help fine-tune strategies and improve service delivery, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention (ORENCloud – Digital Starts Here).

Security and Compliance

Security is a top priority for any business communication system. ORENCloud’s CloudOffice provides robust security features, including end-to-end encryption and advanced access controls, ensuring that sensitive business communications are protected against unauthorized access and data breaches. Additionally, being a cloud solution, CloudOffice benefits from regular updates that help protect against emerging security threats (ORENCloud – Digital Starts Here).


Switching to ORENCloud’s CloudOffice offers numerous advantages over traditional telephony systems like NEC PBX. From cost savings and scalability to advanced features and reduced IT overhead, CloudOffice provides a comprehensive, secure, and flexible communication solution that aligns with the needs of modern businesses. As the workplace continues to evolve, cloud telephony systems like CloudOffice are becoming indispensable tools for enhancing business communication, improving customer engagement, and driving growth.

For those interested in exploring how ORENCloud’s CloudOffice can benefit their business, further details are available on ORENCloud’s official website.

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