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Case Study: Providing Robust Telephony Solutions to a Customer in Sports and Recreation Industry to Combat Lightning Disruptions


One of our customers is a prestigious golf club located in Malaysia. The club has a modern telephony system that connects its staff, management, and members. However, the telephony system has been experiencing disruptions during lightning storms, which has led to communication breakdowns and delays in services. To address this issue, the customer sought the assistance of our company.

Challenges Faced:

The customer was facing multiple challenges with their telephony system, including:

  • Disruptions due to lightning storms: They are located in an area prone to lightning strikes, which often results in disruptions to their telephony system. This has led to communication breakdowns, delays in services, and loss of business.
  • Lack of scalability: The telephony system was not scalable, which meant that it could not accommodate customer’s growing needs. This posed a challenge to the club’s management, as they were unable to add new lines or features to the system.
  • Limited support: The existing telephony service provider did not provide adequate support to them, which resulted in long downtimes and delays in resolving issues.


Our company provided a comprehensive solution to the customer, which included:

  • Upgrading the telephony system: We upgraded their telephony system to a more robust and scalable solution that could withstand lightning strikes and took into consideration a redundant power supply, surge protection, and backup batteries to ensure uninterrupted service during power outages.
  • Cloud-based telephony: We migrated their telephony system to a cloud-based solution, which provided the club with more flexibility and scalability. The cloud-based solution allowed them to add new lines and features to the system as per their needs.
  • Comprehensive After-Sales Support: We provided a comprehensive support to them, which ensured that any issues with the telephony system were promptly resolved. Our team of experts worked closely with their management to identify and address any issues before they could impact the club’s operations.

How have they benefit from ORENCloud?

Our solution helped them to overcome the challenges they faced with their telephony system. The club now has a resilient and scalable telephony system that can withstand lightning strikes, ensuring uninterrupted communication during inclement weather. The cloud-based solution has also provided the customer with more flexibility and scalability to meet their growing needs. Our support team has ensured that customer’s telephony system remains operational at all times, improving the overall efficiency of the club’s operations.

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