TM MLS Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

The age of traditional PRI (Primary Rate Interface) based telephony is drawing to a close. With SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks fast becoming the preferred choice, there’s a growing reliance on MLS (Multi-line SIP). 

While this transformation offers unparalleled flexibility and cost benefits, it also comes with challenges inherent to IP-based systems. Here’s where ORENCloud’s TM MLS BCP/DR solutions come into play.

The Problem of MLS Business Continuity

As businesses transition to Multi-line SIP, they harness the benefits of IP (Internet Protocol) infrastructure. This shift, though revolutionary, comes with its vulnerabilities:

1. Equipment Failures

SIP-supporting hardware can occasionally malfunction.

2. Network Failures

Despite advances, Internet connectivity isn’t always stable. Any hiccup means halted communications.

3. Administrative Issues

From misconfigurations to human errors or unexpected software glitches, a myriad of factors can induce system downtime.

Downtime doesn’t just imply financial losses. It disrupts operations and tarnishes a company’s reputation.

The Solution

To address these challenges, ORENCloud Sdn Bhd has crafted a stellar failsafe: Our disaster recovery plan tailored for TM’s MLS.

In the event of any disruptions to your primary MLS connection, we can swiftly redirect your connection to our cloud infra in KL or CyberJaya. Here, calls are routed via our dedicated SIP router device, ensuring uninterrupted communications to either connect to your PBX directly or to connect to our Cloud PBX.


1. Continuity

Business continuity is essential. Our solution guarantees you stay connected, always.

2. Seamless

Should there be a need to switch, the transition is almost imperceptible to end-users.

3. Cost-Efficient

Reducing the risk of downtime can equate to significant savings in potential lost revenue.

4. Peace of Mind

With a robust disaster recovery solution, focus on what you do best, leaving the telecommunication worries to us.

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In today’s digital era, uninterrupted communication is vital. As businesses migrate to sophisticated telephony solutions like Multi-line SIP, ensuring their resilience becomes paramount. Trust in ORENCloud Sdn Bhd and guarantee that your business is always online, irrespective of the challenges thrown its way.

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