How did we help the largest Retirement Fund in Malaysia?


The pandemic has proven to create a multitude of challenges for businesses, government agencies and individuals. Many were caught off guard on the waves of lockdowns enforced by governments in respective countries, making physical access to office difficult or literally impossible.

The case

One of the largest retirement fund in Malaysia, is of no exception. Information Technology is a very important function in this organisation. For its IT department, they searched for companies that provided solutions to keep supporting their internal operations working from anywhere. They basically wanted to keep being productive and have their people continuously deliver services to their staff in spite of the various difficulties in this Covid era.

They found Orencloud

It’s IT Division found ORENCloud and quickly set it up to run a trial. They found Orencloud’s webphone the easiest to use as it requires a basic browser to make and receive calls, run reports, manage workforce and have a clear view of the activities within the contact centre in a dashboard. The entire operation was supported by our deployment team until they’ve had 100% functionality and ready to receive calls.

[A spokesperson]: “We started with 8 agents and redirected some of our numbers over to Orencloud’s contact centre suite called Gold Package. Not only is it extremely affordable, the quality of calls and support lived up to our expectations. We quickly realised this is now the new norm, the way forward for this business activity within our staff and expanded the use to more than double ever since. We continue to use Orencloud’s services even up to this date. Work from anywhere is now part of our work culture and we believe we will continue it Covid era to empower our people to be productive while taking care of their household and achieve a balanced work life.”


Orencloud has indeed again provided a simple, highly flexible and affordable solution for them to quickly jump out of a challenge and restore their business calls activities in the shortest time. It was their management’s ingenuity to pivot quickly and find a solution and now realizing a work from anywhere culture and shall always be able to serve the Malaysian population, increase workforce flexibility and mobility.

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