Insights from ORENcloud CEO, Alfred Chong

‘I was listening to a TEDx talk given by an immigrant from Central Asia to Germany. He gave his testimony of how he did not allow his situations or life circumstances determine who he is and what he can do and who he can become. His inspiring talk challenged his audience to make changes and determine not to take No for an answer but to challenge the norm. He challenged the audience to be a change- agent in society.

What was one thing I derived from this talk? It was IMPACT. It sets me to think about the impact I have on my life, on the company, the people around me and society as a whole with what I am doing or not doing. Am I creating a positive impact with my life? Am I impacting my family positively? Did I give a positive impact in my company and my colleagues? Am I impacting the society in any way?

I am not talking about changing the world single handedly, but if we can make a difference to one person on a daily basis, we can impact the world around our us.

How can we make a difference and create a positive impact? May I offer the following suggestions:

I-nitiative: Take the first step. Nothing works if there is no initiative. Intentionally, decide how you want to make a difference. Start with something or someone close to you. “Initiative is doing the right thing without being told” – Victor Hugo

M-entor: Everyone needs someone to look up to. We draw inspiration and ideas from someone who had gone ahead of us. Work on having a mentor whom you think you could draw inspiration from. We do not just learn from their successes but also their struggles and failures. Who is your mentor?

P-lan: Develop a plan towards creating that impact. What is the end result impact you want to see? How you want to achieve that? Then, develop an action plan towards that.

A-ttitude: There is a saying that states, “It is not your aptitude but your attitude that will determine your altitude in life.” It is just not positive thinking. It is your mental and emotional approach towards your circumstances and your ideals. It is how you face challenges, how you deal with rejections and how you stand firm on your course.

C-ommitment: Commit yourself towards making an impact as your life mission. Creating an impact is not just a one-time task. It is your life journey. Terry Fox lost one leg to cancer, but that did not stop him from run across Canada from east to west to raise money and awareness for cancer research. He left a worldwide legacy. We have only one life. How can we make it count and make an impact on others? You can only answer that yourself.

T-ake action: Nothing will happen if you sit there and do nothing. You have to get your hands dirty. You need to put your hands to the plough in order to have a harvest.

So, who will you impact today?’

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