Why Cloud Telephone Systems should be the new norm

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Communication has always been an important aspect of businesses; from dealing with vendors and suppliers, reaching out to peers for market research, to being the main source of revenue from cold calling and leads generation. Key communication with various stakeholders can impact businesses’ financial well-beings and the overall outlook. On top of that, there are certain activities that require constant and urgent communication internally.

To simplify, you deal with all of these on a daily basis. Of course, there are multiple communication channels one can undertake – from phone calls to emails – there are always a way to reach out (not excluding meeting face to face entirely). However, in a fast-paced environment where an urgent attention is needed, phone calls are and always have been the best way.

So, here comes the modern cloud telephony or also best known as hosted VoIP and why this technology should be the new norm in today’s communication method. Now, we are seeing an increasing number of companies and government sectors move their telephony system to the cloud for various reasons.

The nature of work in 2022 has been as dynamic as ever since the start of the pandemic. Most companies have been maintaining the work from anywhere (home, resort) policy and it is vital that employees are still able to work at their full capacity even when working remotely. One of the greatest assets of cloud technology is the mobility that it provides. By using cloud, your office number practically follows you wherever you go. Meaning you won’t miss the important business calls, sales, support query, update on the BOD meeting, or even your daily chat with your favourite colleague. On top of that, all of these will go through your office extension and not your personal number.

The fact that cloud solutions are highly scalable and flexible also play a role in highlighting the importance of moving the telephony system to the cloud. Gone are the days where you have to worry about upgrading your system when the time comes. Nowadays, the business needs of companies are always changing rapidly as the business world is getting more and more volatile. Cloud telephony is highly scalable and flexible according to your ever-changing business needs.

Last but not least, the cost factor. This might be the most important aspect when companies and businesses are evaluating the feasibility of moving their telephony system to the cloud. With everything on cloud, there are basically no physical elements presence required. In short, there is no maintenance or support expenses whatsoever, your cloud telephony like ORENCloud, provides it built into the service cost. The traditional on-premise telephony system is always considered as a depreciating asset and one day, needs to be replaced just like most physical things. With cloud telephony, this is not the case. Apart from it not being obsolete in the future, there is not large amount of investment or capital expenditure needed to be forked out in order to acquire such system. Also, it comes with any future technology updates or upgrades, ensuring you will not miss on important features in the future.

These are just a few reasons why companies and government sectors should prioritise upgrading their communication by moving to the cloud. It is, by all means, the future of business communication and should already be the new norm in 2022 and onwards.

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