ORENcloud ORENUC softphone for true mobility.

More and more companies are moving away from traditional telephony solutions by where there is a phone on a desk restricting true mobility, unless of course you configure follow-me routing etc but for most users this is often seen as a hassle as well as it brings outbound calls charges.

True mobility i.e. option to work from home (WFH) became a necessity during recent MCO’s but post MCO quite prevalent.

And while smartphones -for many years now- are a part of everyday life and each of us use them with a wide range of apps for both private and work only fairly recently has the softphone app market matured. Today it does not require any special configurations but most of all doesn’t drain your battery. The days of tagging along a powerbank just to run a softphone app are over :).

With the push services from both Apple and Google that is a thing of the past. Not to bore you with the technical details but now only when a call comes in the softphone App is activated and pops-up with the call, similar to WhatsApp, Telegram and the likes.

At ORENcloud we have evolved with the marked and now have our next generation softphone, ORENcloud UC, OUC for short.

OUC is available on all major platforms and very easy, just install it like any other app, login and you are ready to go.

Of the many features and functions of the ORENcloud UC softphone I would like to highlight three. These are 1. True Mobility, 2. User Friendliness and 3. Security.

1. True Mobility, Pros’ and Con’s (debunked)

The most Pro argument is that since OUC is installed on your smartphone you -metaphorically- tagging along your “desk phone” thus achieve true mobility in all its aspects and all this transparent to the caller. The caller just dials your DID or extensions and the phone will ring anytime and anywhere.

One Con remark we often get is that users don’t want to install a company (soft)phone because then they are reachable 24/7, there is no more “walking away” from a phone.

This can also be easily addressed i.e., debunked, in the OUC App is a speed button to set the OUC to Do-Not-Disturb (DND), so no need to logout from OUC and the hassle to login again, just activate the DND and the OUC softphone won’t ring, when ready de-activate DND and you are reachable again.

2. User Friendliness

The OUC App is very user friendly, naturally making and receiving calls is just the same as if you were to make with your normal telco carrier call but even actions such as transfer calls, blind or attended to external or internal numbers. So, transferring a call to a colleague’s extension is very straight forward and almost comes naturally. Or even inviting another person into an active call i.e., a 3-way conference is just a click of a button.

3. Security (encryption)

Often, we get the question how secure the calls are, can they be listening into? and the answer is No, all calls are encrypted so even if your voice traffic is captures anywhere along the route, it is all encrypted and not be possible to decipher.

If you signup with ORENcloud you will get our OUC as part of the package FOC, we also offer the option to white-labeling the softphone to meet your company branding including Logo, Colour Schema, etc.   

To find out more visit https://www.orencloud.com/orencloud-uc/ or contact us and we will be happy to help.

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