Why Cloud Telephone Systems should be the new norm

Communication has always been an important aspect of businesses; from dealing with vendors and suppliers, reaching out to peers for market research, to being the main source of revenue from cold calling and leads generation. Key communication with various stakeholders can impact businesses’ financial well-beings and the overall outlook. On top of that, there are certain activities that require constant and urgent communication internally.

Customer Engagement Strategy You Can’t Ignore

How life has changed since then. How our lives today are so much evolved around technology, especially the internet. Many aspects of our daily lives are dependent on the internet, especially the younger generations that grew up with it. Businesses are no different. In fact, many businesses today rely heavily on internet to conduct their business.

What is a Helpdesk System and why is it important for your business?

What is a Helpdesk system? A helpdesk system can be defined as a system that allows the company to improve efficiency in resolving customer issues by automating the complaint resolution process via ticket management. Companies are able to attend to support tickets in one place, be it from email, social media, SMS, and most of …

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I-M-P-A-C-T Insights from ORENcloud CEO, Alfred Chong ‘I was listening to a TEDx talk given by an immigrant from Central Asia to Germany. He gave his testimony of how he did not allow his situations or life circumstances determine who he is and what he can do and who he can become. His inspiring talk …

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How did we help the largest Retirement Fund in Malaysia?

Preface The pandemic has proven to create a multitude of challenges for businesses, government agencies and individuals. Many were caught off guard on the waves of lockdowns enforced by governments in respective countries, making physical access to office difficult or literally impossible. The case One of the largest retirement fund in Malaysia, is of no …

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Hosted PBX System and Its Key Advantages

Hosted PBX, as its name suggests, is a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) being hosted by either the vendor or a third-party hosting provider. It is also commonly known as Virtual PBX. Using a hosted PBX in your organisation not only allows you to eliminate the installation cost but also reduces the operational and maintenance costs since your PBX will be hosted by the service provider.

Choose Wisely

“Telecom service provider are moving away from the traditional wired services to cloud based technology which in the long run, more cost effective to both the provider and the consumers. Furthermore, cloud telephony gives so much more flexibility and convenient to individual users and corporates alike”