What is a Helpdesk System and why is it important for your business?

What is a Helpdesk system?

A helpdesk system can be defined as a system that allows the company to improve efficiency in resolving customer issues by automating the complaint resolution process via ticket management. Companies are able to attend to support tickets in one place, be it from email, social media, SMS, and most of the support channels you can think of. This allows support team to keep track of customer requests, conversations, and complaints effectively.

The importance of a helpdesk system

#1 Customer Satisfaction

Faster Response Time

Most customers, if not all, do not care about what is going on with the companies. They are only concerned about their issues. So, having a reliable helpdesk system helps agents to resolve customer issues more effectively. The support team will also have access to a repository of FAQs to respond to customer requests more promptly to improve customers’ satisfaction levels.

Keeping the Customer in the Know

Customers like to be informed about the status of their queries. With a helpdesk system equipped with automated status updates, customers are able to keep track of their submitted requests easily via the client interface. They will be kept in the loop rather than only be informed when the ticket is solved.

Multichannel Customer Support

An omnichannel ticket management system allows customers to reach the support team through the channel of their preference, such as SMS, email, social media etc. On the other hand, agents are also allowed to generate tickets irrespective of the channels.

#2 Productivity

Automated Ticket Creation Process

Through helpdesk system, support tickets are being generated every time customers contact for the same or different issue. This allows agents to put their focus better on solving customer issues rather than wasting time to create new tickets every time they receive new requests.

Real Time updates to tickets

When agents are updating the status of the support tickets, the changes will be reflected in the system and take effect immediately. It helps to prevent double work.

Knowledge Base

Having a knowledge base or a repository helps agents to resolve exceptional customer issues. In case of exceptional incidents, the agent who resolves it can also document the process for future references.

#3 Business Benefits

Real time Monitoring and reporting

Real time dashboards and detailed reports allow supervisors to monitor the status of the contact centre closely. These real time data gives real time overview of critical support information and helps supervisors to allocate resources more effectively.

VIP Features

Help desk system also allow supervisors or agents to set rules and prioritise certain tickets. This is helpful in helping businesses to identify and manage communication from VIP customers.

Streamline Operations

With an all-in-one help desk system, agents are able to handle the support process from head to toe, be it ticket creation, ticket assignment, or merging tickets. This will ensure no more disjointed conversation and your customer satisfaction will be elevated.

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